About the Master Plan


The purpose of the Plainfield Comprehensive Parks and Recreation System Plan is to guide the department for the next five years and provide strategic direction and vision with specific plans to maintain and expand the services offered to the community.

A consistent theme throughout the development of this plan is Plainfield Parks and Recreation’s commitment to a quality parks and recreation system that delivers high-quality parks, trails and recreation programs, facilities, and events for all residents, while contributing to the quality of life of the Town of Plainfield.

Community Interest and Opinion Survey

The future vision of the Plainfield Strategic Master Plan is dependent on knowing what you want and, to that end, requires extensive community engagement. We believe through Parks and Recreation connections are made. We want to know how you want to connect to others, connect to nature, and connect to our community.

Coming Late February/Early March.




About Plainfield

Plainfield, Indiana is a community of 35,000 people located about 15 miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis. There are many exciting things that make Plainfield a wonderful place to live and work but first and foremost are the citizens of Plainfield.

The Town’s slogan is “A Community of Values” because values such as honesty, truth, integrity, and justice are important to the people of Plainfield. Twelve values were identified by the town and a Community Values Program was established to recognize one citizen each month that exemplifies that month’s value.

Location, Location, Location

The Town of Plainfield is a small community conveniently located on the southwest side of metropolitan Indianapolis. The City of Indianapolis is the state capitol and serves as the governmental and cultural center for Indiana. Besides hosting the famous Indianapolis 500 race, Indy is home to the Indiana Pacers, Colts, Ice and Indians; the city also serves as the “Amateur Sports Capital of the World.”

In addition to sports, there are a variety of cultural activities such as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Civic Theater and the country’s largest Children’s Museum. All of these activities and places are within a short drive for the residents of the Town of Plainfield. Many citizens note that one of the best things about Plainfield is its location within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area, small-town living close to big city amenities.

Economic Development

Location also came into play when Plainfield first laid out its economic development plans years ago. The town leaders recognized that the expansion of the Indianapolis International Airport, just east of the town, was both a blessing and a curse. The curse: it made land between State Road 267 and the Marion County line unacceptable for housing; in fact, the airport was already in the process of buying out houses in that area. The blessing: the opportunity was there to package large parcels of land for economic development, with proximity to the airport as a strong selling point.


Parks and Recreation is responsible for maintaining public spaces and for providing a quality system of parks and recreation facilities and positive leisure opportunities available to all persons in the community. Plainfield Parks and Recreation system consist of over 400 acres of development parkland, made up of 12 park locations, 6 undeveloped sites totally over 200 acres, Splash Island Water Park, The Richard A. Carlucci Recreation and Aquatic Center, over 30 miles of paved, off-street recreational trails, and 1800 acres of nature and wildlife property that will someday become a regional nature park. Additionally, parks and recreation partners with thirds parties and advocacy local nonprofits to offer youth sports and many other programs and events to the community.

Map of Plainfield Public Spaces